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Web Site Design

Web sites should be easy to read and attractive to the user. Commerce Networks can provide your business with a unique web site that attracts customers as well as attention. We use some of the latest software and processes to create a customized internet experience for your companies website.

Web Hosting

With the design of your site ready to be put on the internet, you must find a reliable webhost for your site. Commerce Networks offers managed services packaging site design and hosting so you can spend time running your business and not worryingabout if your site is up and running or not. From Basic website hosting to a dedicated server for your businesses internet needs call us today to discuss options. Our servers support ASP, SSI, CSS, and Front Page extensions.

Virtual Tours/Imaging Solutions

Commerce Networks offers Ipix Virtual tours and various other imaging solutions Click here to find out more.

Domain Name Registration

Addresses available on the Internet are going quickly so register yours today. Each web site contains a domain name which in turn has an IP address within the name. The domain name is the name of your site (i.e Call or e-mail us to find out if your business. com is available.
Wholesale registration services are available for those registering over 5 domain names at a time. Call today to discuss bulk registration (334)-821-5460 or 1-888-465-7201

Search Engine Registration

Let us get your site registered with the world's top search engines such as Yahoo and Google. When users search for your name we want your site to be at the top of the list.

E-mail systems

Two-thirds of Internet traffic is created by e-mail. Using our server enables your company to have numerous e-mail accounts set up. You can create an account for each employee or an anonymous account such as With our web based email system you and you employee's can check your email from any computer anywhere so whether you are at a conference in New York, at your office, or at home, you can still get the message.

E-mail Security

We at Commerce Networks are well aware of the importance of the security of your business's web presence. We can now insure the integrity of your e-mail accounts through the use of software at the server level to seek out and destroy viruses sent via e-mail. Your accounts will be housed on a server specifically dedicated to incoming and outgoing mail. When a virus is detected the associated file is immediately quarantined and disinfected on our server. Then, a warning is sent along with the original message to both the sender and receiver of the e-mail.

Internet Consulting

Let Commerce Networks help you with your Internet needs, from just giving your current site a face lift, to finding out how to maximize its use to benefit your business to use from the Internet to web page design. Contact us for more information.

Statistical Analysis

On each web site we offer a comprehensive statistical analysis each month. This includes user tracking, time spent on each page, refering sites, search engine keyword usage, etc. To see an example of our stats checkout's stats.

Domain Name Management

Do you have many different domain names you need managed or pointed to the same web site? Commerce Networks can handle your domain name management needs. We currently have many companies that maintain a portfolio of names on our services.

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